video marketingPeople remember only . . .

20% of what they hear, and only

30% of what they see,

but an incredible

70% of what they hear and see!

It’s no surprise then that video marketing is fast becoming the ‘must have’ marketing tool for small businesses. It’s cheaper than print media and much more effective.

Showcase Your Business Using Motion Design Video And Capture Buyers’ Attention.

Video Marketing provides an affordable and professional marketing solution for small businesses, eclipsing the current time-consuming and expensive video creation solutions on the market. 

Our unique videos are developed to give small business the ability to effectively promote their services through online video, in order to maximize their advertising efforts and follow-up with potential buyers. 

Created using the latest Cinematic Artificial Intelligence® technology, our unique system converts digital photos into a video masterpiece using the same sophisticated post-production techniques used in television and film. Taking into account the number of photos, music structure, and text for the video – we develop a motion design video that will showcase your business in the most professional manner. 

As no two videos produced are ever the same, you can rest assured that your business video will be distinct and unique in every way. 

With technology evolving and video marketing & social media becoming increasingly popular, our effective marketing solution allows small business to reach a wider target audience online, providing a unique competitive advantage, as well as leaving a professional and lasting impression with customers. 

What Are The Features And Benefits? 

  • Videos are linked from your website as well as syndicated on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, RealtyTube and other leading online websites for maximum exposure. 
  • Videos are also posted to the major social bookmarking websites
  • The unique text feature allows you to easily incorporate key selling points 
  • Your choice of classical, modern, or proprietary background music 

What Does The Package Include? 

  • Up to 10 photos per video 
  • Ability to add key features of products or services 
  • Corporate logo and branding 
  • High-definition video streaming 
  • Web-link to enable online viewing direct from your website 
  • Syndication on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more 
  • Super fast turnaround – video syndicated online within 24-48 hours! 

What Price Is The Package And How Do I Order? 

The price for each video package is $395 (exc GST) and getting started is as simple as emailing or calling us on 02-9836 1500.

It really is that simple to transform your business image into a captivating, attention grabbing marketing video!