Mobile websitesDid you know that mobile web usage is growing at a rate eight times faster than the original desktop web?

More and more consumers are using smart phone technology as a preferred method for searching the Internet. Typically they are searching for local products and services. Are they finding YOU, or your competitors?

In fact 86% of all Internet users in 2008 searched for local products and services online. Even more significant for small, local businesses is the statistic that 90% of transactions that commenced through online local searches were completed offline. That is huge, and it is growing everyday.

Some more facts that will astound you

Australians’ ownership of internet phones now sits at 43 per cent. Telstra has seen mobile data traffic on its Next G™ network double every eight months for the past two years.

So what this tells us, is that we need to cater for these visitors.

Smart phones have small screens. Therefore when you try to fit a website that was designed for a desktop size screen into a smart phone, you only get to see the top left corner of it—if you are lucky. Then you need to scroll around to find what you want. Some websites use flash technology which doesn’t work on these phones at all, so the visitor basically can’t use your site.

Bottom line: You need a mobile friendly version of your website, one that is designed to fit onto a small screen.  When a mobile phone visitor comes to your website, your website detects the small browser and shows them the small mobile friendly website, instead of the large desktop version.

 People are relying on mobile devices more than ever – and less on their PCs. Those who take notice and position themselves at the leading edge of this unstoppable trend – by creating and servicing mobile websites – will benefit with the lions share of the profits to be made. Will this be you?

Specialized Mobile Website Design

Biz Assist NSW specializes in developing websites that produce results, that is, driving sales or sales leads to your business. Any website we design will be made to achieve this result including our mobile website design which includes:

  • Mobile Website Strategy – mobile phone users browse the Internet differently to computer users. The first stage in the process is identifying the optimum structure for your mobile website that will best service your target market and drive visitor action to your business. Our online marketing strategists will review your current website and create a mobile website strategy.
  • Mobile Website Information Architecture – developing a mobile website requires a different style for presenting information than a standard web design. As part of the development process we will develop the optimum navigation and content display for the mobile phone user.
  • Mobile Website Copywriting – if required, our copywriters will rewrite the wording on your standard website in a mobile optimized format.
  • Call-To-Action Strategy – similar to our standard web development process we ensure your mobile website includes a clear call-to-action to make it as easy as possible for mobile phone users to take action and contact your business.
  • Auto-Discover Functionality – we update your standard website so that when a mobile phone user visits your website they are automatically redirected to the mobile version instead. This is how all of the big players do it, such as Google, Digg and Facebook, and this is what we will do for you.
  • Form Integration – we integrate mobile website forms into your mobile website so that visitors can contact you on the go.
  • Clickable Phone Numbers – we ensure that iPhone users can click on the phone number on your mobile website and make a phone call instantly.
  • SEO Integration – we ensure that your mobile website is optimized for SEO using best practice mobile SEO implementation.
  • Mobile Coding Implementation – your mobile website will adhere to the latest mobile website standards.
  • Mobile Sitemap – we develop a mobile optimized XML sitemap and submit it to the major search engines.
  • Google Analytics – we setup and integrate Google Analytics into your mobile website so you can see a detailed breakdown of how your visitors are interacting with your mobile website, including conversion tracking.
  • Mobile Hosting – we setup hosting for your mobile website for 12 months.


To GET STARTED TODAY, or to receive a  free analysis of your business online (valued at $297) call us on 02 9836 1500. Alternatively email your contact name & number to and one of our SEO team will contact you direct.